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Cheryl Boerger, Certified Reflexologist

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Meet Certified Reflexologist Cheryl Boerger

Cheryl Boerger is a Certified Ingham Method® reflexologist who owns Sole Revival Reflexology in Mount Shasta. She says, “Reflexology is a growing field and is a non-invasive way to address many of the things that cause us pain and discomfort. It is safe for children and adults alike.”

Cheryl’s early passion of the healing arts came to reality after running her own preschool for ten years and then raising her son as a full-time homeschool mom. As the time grew near for her son to head off to college, Cheryl was dealing with an extreme case of plantar fasciitis and possible bone spur. The pain was so great she literally could not walk at times. After multiple reflexology sessions, Cheryl had the joy of going on a 50-mile backpack trip pain-free. And so she began her studies.

Cheryl studied with the International Institute of Reflexology with whom she received her certification in 2014. Cheryl has also studied Ear Reflexology with Bill Flocco of the American Institute of Reflexology and Ayurvedic Reflexology with Sharon Stathis of Australia. She also took a course on TouchPoint Reflexology for hip and sciatic pain with Peter Lund Frandsen and Dorthe Krogsgaard of Denmark. Cheryl recently completed the Integrative Quantum Medicine course, levels 1 and 2, taught by Noorah Hansen.

Cheryl is loving and compassionate and is able to put her heart and soul into her healing work. She was recently featured in the North State Parent Magazine of Mt. Shasta. Read the entire article here.

Cheryl is a member of The Reflexology Association of California and The Reflexology Association of America. She is also a delegate for the Reflexology Association of America. She enjoys attending conferences to meet other reflexologists and to better her skills so as to offer her clients the best care possible.

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