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What is Reflexology?

Many of our health problems can be linked to stress. A body under the influence of prolonged stress is less capable of organizing its defenses against illnesses and repairing damage caused by injury. Stress can be mentally, emotionally, physically, or environmentally induced.

Reflexology works primarily with reflexes found in the hands, feet and ears. It works through the nervous system. It is a non-invasive natural system of stress reduction and relaxation based on the principle that the body is reflected on the feet, hands and outer ears. The application of pressure to these reflexes and the resulting stimulation sent via the neuro pathways, produces positive physiological changes in the body. In this way, reflexology gently nudges the body towards better functioning by improving oxygenation of cells, lymphatic drainage and circulation through the relaxation process.

Reflexology is NOT massage. Reflexology has its own history, theories, vocabulary, research, education, techniques, and national certification separate from any other manual therapy. It is non-invasive and requires only the removal of shoes and socks.

Reflexology is not a substitute for medical treatments. Please note that certified reflexologists are not licensed physicians and cannot give medical advice or treatment. The information presented on this site represents my personal opinions and summary of research as well as verbal and written reports of some of my clients. Consult your doctor if you need medical advice or treatment. All rights reserved. ©2017-2022 Cheryl Boerger, Reflexologist and Sole Revival Reflexology. Website design by Aleya Marketing© 2022. No part of this website can be copied without written permission including photography.